Green Roofing in Steubenville

If you own or operate a commercial building in the Steubenville area with a flat roof, ask yourself, “is there a better way I could be using this space?” Flat roofs are the preferred choice of commercial buildings because they are much easier to access, cheaper to install and maintain and the extra space can have a practical application. By in large, these flat roofs aren’t used for much more than a place to store the industrial air conditioning unit. However, business and property owners in Steubenville should consider using the empty space on the top of their buildings to go green.

Green roofs are growing increasingly popular among Steubenville commercial buildings because they offer multiple many tangible benefits aside from the obvious esthetic qualities they bring. If you would like to make your commercial building greener, contact JD Coatings today and we’ll get to work right away to figure out how we can make your roof green.

JD Coatings has always been committed to providing customers with energy-efficient roofing options and one of the most attractive options has always been green roof construction. To get a free quote on our green roofing services, contact JD Coatings today.

Benefits of Green Roofs

One of the biggest benefits of converting your commercial building’s flat roof to a green roof is the return on investment. A green roof can typically save your business money in the long run because of it saves you money in heating and cooling expenses. It also increases a building’s resale value and lowers vacancy rate.

When you provide employees and clients with a green space, you can improve the mood, energy levels and general satisfaction of everyone that passes through your business’s threshold. Economic returns, cleaner, cooler air and reduced noise are all part and parcel with a green roof.

The most practical application of going green is its storm water mitigation. Green roofs act as sponges that capture and slow down the distribution of water during storms, which can protect your building and roof from water damage if your drainage system malfunctions.

Green Roof Installations

If you are ready to reap the sustainable and eco-friendly benefits of getting a green roof installed, contact JD Coatings today. When you do, we’ll send someone over as soon as possible to survey your roof. Once we have the dimensions and other essential information about your roof, we’ll be able to get the sedum cuttings and begin the installation.

If you have specific features in mind for your green roof, please do not hesitate to contact JD Coatings and tell our representatives about your idea. Our roofers feed off your inspiration and enthusiasm. If for some reason your idea is unfeasible, we’ll be happy to provide you with a number of alternatives until you are satisfied.

Once its installed, we are always available to provide your new green roof with regular maintenance to make sure it’s as lush and beautiful as its initial installation.

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For all your commercial needs, either green roofs or standard ones, contact JD Coatings today and we’ll be happy to provide you with the same great service we’re known for.