Flat Roofing in Steubenville

Flat roofs are used by most Steubenville commercial buildings because they are inexpensive to install, easy to maintain and they allow more efficient use of space both inside and out. Because there is less surface area to cover than on a pitched roof, the labor costs associated with installation and maintenance are far less, especially when you get JD Coatings’s qualified flat roofing specialists to handle the task at hand.

JD Coatings has been extremely fortunate to work with business owners and facility managers all over the Steubenville area and we are proud to provide the highest quality flat roofing solutions. Though you may not think about it often, your roof is an integral part of your establishment. Regardless of its type, you need to be confident that the commercial roofing contractors you have hired are qualified to complete the job.

At JD Coatings, we believe we can provide your commercial building with the best roofing serves in the area, particularly when it comes to flat roofs. If you require the help of the most trusted commercial roofing contractors in the area, contact JD Coatings today and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.

Why Your Commercial Building Should Use a Flat Roof

Whenever a client is about to break ground on a commercial property and build a new structure, we always recommend that they incorporate a flat roof in their design. There are a number of benefits that business owners and developers can reap when they choose to make their commercial building’s roof flat. These benefits include:


When you get a roof installed, no matter what type it is, you likely want it to be a one-time investment. Roof replacements are disruptive, long and expensive projects. The best way to prevent a premature roof replacement is to provide your roof with regular maintenance. When dealing with commercial roofs, to make sure the elements aren’t taking their toll, you need to be able to access it with ease. When you have a flat roof, there are no slopes to deal with which makes inspections and providing it with maintenance much easier.


When people picture a flat roof, they typically jump to the conclusion that they will have to deal with massive amounts of water pooling right above their heads. This is a frightening prospect given how destructive water can be to any structure. Thankfully, this fear that a flat roof won’t be able to drain away the water is totally unjustified. Flat roofs aren’t truly flat. There is a practically invisible slope that makes sure water doesn’t accumulate on your roof.


Since the surface area is smaller than that of non-flat roofs, less material is needed for construction and less time and labor are required to install them. Rather than spending your entire budget on a towering roof, investing in a flat roof is just good business sense.

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