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If you are looking to hire a commercial roofing company in Canton and the surrounding area, JD Coatings has you covered. For years, we have provided business owners with high-quality roof repairs, installation, and maintenance services using nothing but the industry's best tools and techniques. With our experts in your corner, you can ensure your roof's ongoing function and safety and protect your property into the future.

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While plenty of roofing companies offer services in Canton and the surrounding area, not every business provides the quality of service we do. Our experts have been working in this industry for many years, and we understand what goes into high-quality roofing.

We will take the time to survey your roof and get to know the services you're looking for before we get started. Our contractors will work on your commercial property with a careful eye and close attention to detail to bring you the results you deserve.

Comprehensive Roofing Services

JD Coatings is not your average roofing company. We offer a wide range of services to ensure all your roofing maintenance and repair needs are met, making us a one-stop shop. Since buildings require a sound roof to protect the interior and prevent the elements from entering, all maintenance and repair should be done by experts.

At JD Coatings, you'll find a full list of roofing services. Our team is qualified to perform the following:

  • Commercial roof inspection
  • Commercial roof maintenance
  • Commercial roof repair
  • Metal roof restoration
  • Generalized commercial roofing

Despite how complex a repair you need, you can rest assured that we will ensure you receive reliable roofing services with an unmatched level of craftsmanship. We will always treat your property with respect and ensure that the project's operations do not disrupt your daily business.

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Superior Roof Repairs

Your roof faces the elements, so you don't have to, and it will need to be repaired from time to time. JD Coatings will be happy to address any roofing issue you're facing, from fallen or damaged shingles to pooling water and leaks.

While a minor damage to your roof may seem like no big deal, these issues shouldn't be overlooked. Small problems can escalate quickly, and water damage can have a detrimental impact on the health and safety of your property overall.

Most roof repairs are quick fixes, and our team would be happy to complete them without delay.

Fast and Seamless Roof Installation

Need a new roof? Let our experts know. We have installed dozens of commercial roofs in the local area, and we'll add yours to our list. Reach us for:

EPDM roofing

Green roofs

Flat roofs

Modified Bitumen roof coatings

White Membrane roofing

Metal roofs

Metal roof coatings

Receive a Roofing Inspection Today

One of the aspects of upholding the integrity of any building is having a sound and well-maintained roof. As businesses owners, you run the risk of costly damages and repairs if you have a failing roof that goes neglected for too long. Something else to consider is that having an unrepaired roof will eventually result in interior leaking, creating a hotbed for mold and water damage. A problem this expansive will require the help of multiple specialized contractors, costing a lot of money and negatively impacting business operations.

So, if you notice issues with your roof, rather than putting repairs off, the best thing to do is take the necessary precautions to prevent further damage. JD Coatings is a trusted roofing company serving the Canton community with our premier service and unmatched craftsmanship.

When you contact us for a risk-free roof inspection, we will send out one of our licensed roofers to inspect the issue so they can determine the best course of action. They will walk you through everything from the repairs needed to the estimated cost of the project. If it is determined that installing a new roof is the best solution, we will go over all the options you have to ensure the project is both cost-effective and A1 quality.

To receive a risk-free inspection, contact us today at (330) 763-1366. We will send out a member of our team to meet with you.

Keep Your Property in Tip-Top Shape with Roof Maintenance

The best way to avoid significant issues and maximize the lifespan of your roofing system is to have your roof inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Our experts recommend having your roof inspected at least every five years, and more frequently, the older it gets.

If you've just moved into a new building, or if you're concerned about your roof safety, let our team know. We'll schedule a consultation at your convenience, look for apparent and underlying issues with your roofing system and provide repairs when and where they're needed.

Risks of Roof Damage

Purchasing a commercial building is a significant investment, and as such, it should never be neglected. When you notice potential issues with the roof, the most practical next step is to have it inspected immediately to prevent further or irreversible damage. When a roof goes unrepaired for too long, you run the risk of the following damages that can further increase your repair bill.

  • Mold and mildew growth on the interior of the building
  • Wall and ceiling damage
  • Structural damage to the building
  • Fire hazard
  • Falling and slipping hazard

As is displayed above, damage to your roof can cause significant damage and pose dangerous risks to your building and the safety of the employees and customers inside. When you work with JD Coatings, we will always produce high standards and ensure your roof is taken care of, despite the severity of the damage. Contact us today, and we will send out a licensed roofer to inspect the damage.

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Don't settle for less than the best when it comes to repairing, protecting, and maintaining your roofing system. Instead, reach JD Coatings. Our skilled and equipped roofers are proud of the superior services we offer, and we look forward to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.

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