White Membrane Roofing in Akron

As energy costs continue to rise all over the world, Akron commercial building owners need to do whatever they can to make sure they aren’t wasting their valuable resources on energy costs. One way Akron commercial buildings owners have embraced as a means of cutting energy expenses is to convert their conventional asphalt roofs in favor of a more sustainable option.

Switching to a white membrane roof is something every Akron commercial building owner ought to consider because it can lower their energy costs and make their entire operation more ecologically friendly.

If you want to save more on energy while outfitting your building with a durable new roofing system, contact JD Coatings today. We have been proud to do our part to make local businesses more efficient and profitable by providing exceptional commercial roofing services.

Thanks to our years of experience and our commitment to customer satisfaction, JD Coatings has become one of the most trustworthy local commercial roofing companies. We look forward to adding your business to our long list of satisfied customers.

How Can a White Membrane Roof Save You Money?

There is no question that on hot, sunny days, you need to provide adequately cooling inside your commercial building otherwise customers, clients and even employees might start to associate your building with discomfort. Of course, providing adequate air conditioning to a massive commercial building can become costly quickly. Surely there’s a better way!

There is. And it begins when you stop trying to compete with the sun.

It is common knowledge that black absorbs heat. If you aren’t convinced that it does, we invite you to go outside dressed in all black and stand in the sun. If you don’t contract heat or sun stroke, you will most certainly opt for lighter colored clothes the next time around.

Roofing materials are the same way. Dark colored and black roofing materials absorb the sun’s rays, which then gets converted into additional heat your air conditioner will have to compete against to keep your building at a comfortable temperature. When you switch to white membrane roofing, the light-colored material reflects the majority of the sun’s rays, which lowers the strain placed on your building’s air conditioner.

Furthermore, because your building isn’t absorbing as much heat, it isn’t expanding and contracting as much with the fluctuation in temperature. A building’s expansion and contraction is one of the primary reasons roofs become brittle and require repairs. So, not only will you save money on energy costs, you won’t be spending money on repairs any time soon.

Plus, when you make the switch to white membrane roofing, the installation process is one of the least invasive and disruptive processes in the industry. So, when you finally do make the switch, you won’t lose out on valuable working hours, bringing in the resources to cover the costs of the transition.

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Saving money and making a smart investment is something every Akron business can benefit from. White membrane roofs allow you to do both, so call JD Coatings today to find out how soon we can install one for you.