Green Roofing in Akron

It’s no accident that more and more roofs around the Akron area are covered in plant life. Green roofs are growing in popularity across the continent because they provide so many long-term benefits that are increasingly important in today’s current climate.

When you are ready to make the switch from a traditional black tar roof to a green roofing systems, contact JD Coatings. Once we learned about the benefits that were possible from installing a green roof to a Akron commercial building, we made it a priority to become familiar with how it’s done so that we could provide our customers with an option that allowed them to spend less on cooling costs during the summer and contribute cleaner air to the Akron area year-round.

For green roofs that give back to the community, contact JD Coatings today. We’ll be glad to walk you through the various benefits that come along with installing a green roof and what type of green roof system suits your commercial property’s roof best.

Green Roof Installation

First and foremost when installing a green roof, we need to make sure that your roof is equipped with a strong and durable membrane underneath the system. For the most part, a single ply membrane such as a rubber or liquid will not be enough to keep plant roots from lodging themselves into your roof.

When you call JD Coatings today for your free quote on our green roof services, we’ll be happy to take a look at the existing membrane and assess how much more we’ll need to keep your roof protected from roofs. Furthermore, when we come to inspect the site, we will test how much weight it can withstand.

It happens often that commercial building owners anticipate getting a full landscaped garden installed on their roof but end up with just a few varieties of grass because the roof simply cannot take on more weight.

Thanks to our many years of experience installing green roofs all over the Akron area, you can rest assured knowing that we know what’s best for your roof and its unique set of needs. To consult with us and find out how feasible the image you have in your head is, contact JD Coatings today.

Economic Benefits of Green Roof Construction

When your business invests in green roof technology, it can exponentially extend the life of the building’s roof because the vegetation offers incomparable protection from damaging elements like UV rays, storm water runoff and variances in temperature.

On top of keeping your roof intact for longer, applying a green roof to your commercial building may also reduce the amount of building insulation and reduce the costs of heating and cooling monthly. Plus, if you ever plan to sell the property, green roofs have been known to positively affect the resale value of a building.

The overall esthetic appeal can’t be underestimated, especially if you are in retail or hospitality, so contact JD Coatings today to find out how installing a green roof to your commercial property can start making a positive impact in your organization’s long-term bottom line.